An excursion, below, that should be a destination in Garden Design.

Tuinontwerp - tuinontwerpen door tuinarchitect tuinontwerper Zuid-Limburg Brabant:

Pic, above, here.
Using the 3 elements, above, of garden design, plan your garden. A serious landscape, in vanishing threshold with interiors of your home, expanding lifestyle, all with ease, beauty, joy while amplifying your personal aesthetic.
Don't know the 3 elements, above?
Ceilings, walls, floors. Put another way, trees, shrubs, groundcovers. Another description, foyer, dining room, living room. Yes, now you are seeing the trinity of elements in the design, above.
Two types of ceiling, above. Can you label both? Sky & trees. Three types of flooring, above, low meadow, gravel, a chevron pattern. Three types of walls, tall shrubs, medium shrubs, contrasting texture shrubs.
Pond is a nice focal point viewed from the foyer, yet equal in use to both living room & dining room. .
Focal point on plinth, on axis with don't-know-from-this-pic.
Never thought about a garden like this for your home? This garden will take your further, faster, lasting longer, than most other types of gardens.
Starting and ending points for this garden remain 180 from a garden beginning, "I want hydrangeas, peonies and..."
Garden & Be Well, XO T


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Hardscaping creates structures that can be used on slopes and hills to prevent erosion and create water barriers or drainage.