From the 1st time studying historic gardens in Europe over 20 years ago, gravel changed every thought about a 'lawn'.
Perhaps it was coming from a region of USA with ubiquitous patchy backyard 'turf' lawns.
Gravel, below, set with a top rate template of plantings too. No worries what the plantings are, below, use the best plants in your zone fitting the appropriate sun/shade, size, foliage evergreen/deciduous.
Best plants? Don't know best plants for your zone, USA? Go to your county/state/extension office online. Typical mission statement for the Extension Service,


Our mission is to extend lifelong learning to Georgia citizens through unbiased, research-based education in agriculture, the environment, communities, youth and families.

UGA Extension offers educational programs, assistance, and materials to all people without regard to race, color, national origin, age, sex, or handicap status. "

Your county Extension Service will have a listing of the best trees/shrubs/groundcovers/vines. Motivation is for the proper plantings, not to sell you something.
Knowing the best plants for your specific location gives you liberty to copy good gardens world wide.
Don't feel comfortable choosing the best plants for your garden plan? Take a picture of what you want, perhaps below, and ask your Extension Service agent, or their volunteer Master Gardener to choose for you.

This service is paid for thru your tax dollar.


Pic, above, here.
Choosing gravel, align with color that may already be used with your home's exterior, or interior. If there is a predominate stone in your location, choose it. Measure square footage you want to cover with gravel, 2.5" thick and place your order. The stone source you order from will turn your square footage/depth into 'yards'. Small gravel is best, more residential. Large gravel is commercial for parking lots or building construction.
If you're fighting a poor turf lawn in your backyard, consider gravel.
Garden & Be Well, XO
My 1st phone call to Extension Service was ca. 1985. Going to the mailbox I noticed a vile odor. Exploring, discovered ooze at the base of a large oak. Their diagnosis? Slime flux. Solution? Poor a mix of clorox/water on it. It worked, and I'm still friends with the Extension agent helping me. Weirdly, he's retiring next year. How is that possible? He's also the 1st person ever asking me to speak. He created a new layer in my career. In return I've never said 'no' when he's called asking me to speak for Extension. About 6-7 years ago he asked me to speak on pollinators. A disaster I thought, but said 'yes'. Pollinators? Boring. How was I to know it would become one of my most requested lecture titles? He called earlier this month, one of our 'peeps' is moving back to Georgia. A young woman we watched grow in her horticulture career and are both so proud of. She took a lot of my seminars, always asked the best questions, a great can-do attitude. She moved away for a huge huge huge job, but Georgia family/friends are pulling her home. He asked if I would give her a reference. As if !!


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