We have talked about native plants in the past, in a variety of posts, about their value in a design, for restoration and wildlife habitats, and for the beauty they bring as individual specimens.  Today we spend some time detailing design considerations and desired results, to encourage you to fashion a special space of your own.

Mariani Landscape

There is a great expectation when designing and installing a landscape, that upon completion it will be immediate perfection to behold, forever.  Depending on the design and the plants incorporated, a space can be transformed relatively quickly, though all designs are dynamic and evolve over time.  With an understanding of plants (both natives and non-natives), the land, and the requirements of a design, we can successfully create an outdoor space that speaks to your fondest dreams and is paralleled with a natural balance.

Mariani Landscape

Generally, appearance is the top priority, we all want our designs to be stunning.  In pursuit of that priority we need to know enough about the site to make it happen.

  We learn about the state of the environment, the soil, water, air, pollutants, and available resources to support the design.  We consider all these variables, and the investment of both time and dollars, in the process of establishing a design.  It is with great expertise that we manage the variables, balance the investments, and then expect an extraordinary outcome.

Mariani Landscape

Some examples of the process: Identify the natural land; is it prairie, wetland, woodland?  Classify the soil-clay, sand, somewhere between?  How is water managed: is it readily available, will it remain or run-off?  What are long-term commitments for upkeep?  A space cannot be expected to remain pristine without regular care.  Which is more important in the short-term: visual appeal with greater cost or cost savings using younger specimens, or even seed?  And what do you want the design to say?  This could indicate the use of natives solely, or inclusion of natives as companions to non-natives.

Mariani Landscape

With a thoughtful approach we have developed many spaces to reflect a vision, which you can see in the images here.  We credit these images to Linda Oyama Bryan, and hope you will share some images of your own, of native plants, habitats, and lands of all sorts.  Instagram with #MyMariani or even post to our Facebook page.  We continue our design discussion with our next post, on what is called the “New German Style”, so join us again, here, in the garden.

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