We have talked in the past about green organizations, with a focus on conservation and preservation.  Restoring and building native habitats is an important part of this work.  We were reminded of this grand endeavor at the ILCAiLandscape show when we spoke with several insightful individuals on programs they are running in support of these design techniques.  Pictured here are Jim Kleinwachter with The Conservation Foundation, Peggy Simonsen with Citizens for Conservation, Sarah Surroz with Conserve Lake County, and Leslie Shad, a director on the National Wildlife Federation Board.

iLandscape Conservation Bandwagon

Each of these groups has a program to promote the incorporation of native habitats into landscape design leading to the certification of your outdoor space.   They offer a range of services to help individuals identify changes they can make to their landscapes to encourage a nature inspired environment.  The Conservation Foundation and Conserve Lake County both offer a Conservation@Home program with a multitude of resources.


Citizens for Conservation Habitat CorridorsCitizens for Conservation has an extraordinary program called Habitat Corridors that encourage whole neighborhoods to participate in creating expanses of native habitats, one property at a time.  And the National Wildlife Federation directs on how to create a wildlife-friendly garden and join their certified wildlife habitat community.

NWF Certified HabitatAll of these programs speak to the creation of a landscape that is both aesthetically pleasing and ecologically sound.  We hope you can take advantage of these programs to build a truly greener world.

Have you been to a certified landscape?  There are hundreds of residential gardens certified in the Chicagoland area, and many commercial and public spaces too.  Instagram one of your favorites with #MyMariani so we can see some success stories.  Next time we will talk about some design details that are used when creating a native habitat to inspire you, so join us again, here, in the garden.

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