About once a year, in a client garden, discovery is made outside, of an important piece of statuary, furniture, urn, wall art, tool, whose time to be displayed inside has arrived.
Time is running out for many incredible exterior garden pieces. Alas, no one to notice, no one looking 'seeing', no one aware a precious bit of garden history about to be lost thru benevolent caretaking. Some, perhaps not of great value, instead, of great uniqueness and age.
This week, it happened again. A terra cotta elephant, seemingly doodied-up for a minor diety's parade. India? He has survived enough years outside, many more, would see him destroyed. Cleaned & brought inside a glass top set atop his 'seat' and he's a perfect table beside a chair, for a glass of wine.

Alhambra, 1910, Tekniska museet:

Pic, above, here.
Asked where Parade Elephant came from, "Former owners left him."
Nice leftover.
Look around your garden with new eyes, 'seeing' eyes. Be bold 'seeing' in your friends gardens too. See something, say something.
At the front end of my career I saw fabulous rare things in client gardens about every 2nd - 3rd client. Now, once a year or longer. Another decade will be too late for many garden antiques.

Garden & Be Well, XOT
No pic of Parade Elephant. We were going thru her completed garden plan when I glanced and saw him. Why was I so slow to notice him? Let her know how special he was, but then it was back to her garden plan, she had arranged her lunch hour to meet with me, every moment on a tight leash.


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