Last time we talked about the “New German Style” of planting and how landscapes are designed to mimic nature.  A landscape can transport you to another place, and even time.  Plant materials, hardscapes, and custom features are expertly chosen to create a tangible design, and also a sense of something we hold dear.  Today we show you some exceptional images that capture the energy of their inspiration.  All of today’s images are credited to Linda Oyama Bryan.

First, an Italianate design, so stunning you might think you were in Italy.  You can find some before and after images of this project in a previous post.  Further below, in a Mediterranean theme, is a covered terrace that could  be perched on a plateau overlooking the sea.

Mariani Landscape Italianate Landscape

Mariani Landscape Mediterranean Terrace

Maybe you prefer an English estate, with its expanse of formal lawn and stone walls.  Below you will find two less formal designs.  The first is clearly in the style of a cottage garden, just one of the multiple gardens at

_trackPageview('/outgoing/');" href="" target="_blank">that site.  The next one is reminiscent of a Provence garden.

Mariani Landscape English Estate

Mariani Landscape Cottage GardenMariani Landscape Provence Garden

If you are ecologically minded you might choose to recreate a native woodland or savanna, have a green roof, or how about your own heirloom apple orchard!

Mariani Landscape WoodlandMariani Landscape Rooftop Garden

Mariani Landscape Orchard

Do you have childhood memories of stories around the fire?  Share that wonderful time with your family and friends.  The image below is from a feature we posted last year.

Mariani Landscape Campfire

See what an outdoor space can evoke-visions of places we have been, or would love to see; memories that we cherish; and a fulfillment of a desire that only nature can offer.  Please, join us again, here in the garden.

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